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Water Treatment in the Okanagan Valley and Surrounding Areas

Water treatment in the Okanagan Valley is an integral part of our work at Value Contracting. Over the decades, our team has developed keen expertise on which apparatus or mechanisms will work in each respective case of keeping the water free of contaminants and minerals.


We offer water treatment services on your property, business or vineyard that are both timely and informed. Thus, we provide you with long-term solutions and help sustain good health. We serve towns across the Okanagan Valley and Similkameen Valley. Our major clients are residential and commercial establishments along with wineries. We address the following purification needs:

Hard water problems
Taste and odour elimination
Iron and mineral staining
Chlorine filtration
Ultraviolet sanitizers
Interior health approved systems
Chemical disinfection

Get Timely Water Treatment Solutions

We choose from a range of customized approaches to perform water treatment, and keep this precious resource clean.

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