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Well Drilling by Experienced Professionals

Value Contracting is your one-stop service provider for residential and commercial water well drilling. If you need to install or rehabilitate a water well, we have just the right resources to help you.


Our toolbox features a cable tool drill rig which is designed to find water in the rock-strewn overburden. It is useful for wells from 6”to 12” as its small size helps to fit in places where most drill rigs are not able to.


Our professionals also help clean and maintain your water well, no matter what its depth. Aided by the right equipment and techniques, we clear out impurities and accumulated sediments with or without chemical agitation.


Our driller is certified by the Province of British Columbia and holds a driller’s ticket in good standing. As we cannot drill bedrock, if needed, we can direct or arrange for this to happen for you.


We Drill Accurate Wells

Our approaches to drill and rehabilitating water wells are planned, professional, and tailored to the unique needs of your property.

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