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Professional Water Quality & Quantity Testing

Get timely well flow assessment and water quality testing. We highly recommend that well owners get their water quality checked periodically since certain contaminants in drinking water have been known to pose severe risks to human health. Contaminants are often tasteless and odourless, and may be derivatives of rain and snow filtered through the ground, rocks and soil, fertilizers and pesticides, household chemicals, improper waste disposal, etc. Contaminants can only be detected through authorized testing processes, and Value Contracting has the means to ensure pure, safe drinking water for you and your family.

Water Well Flow Testing

Water well flow testing is done to ensure that the well has the right quantity of water for your needs
The procedure is often performed when properties are sold and developed
The procedure is also performed on freshly drilled wells
You can test from ½ gallon per minute to 500 gallons per minute

 Require Water Testing?

Contact us now to schedule a prompt assessment.

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